Establishing security measures for a large scale event is a major project. An example might be an Annual General Meeting, where the location is published in advance.
Executives, stakeholders and the media will be present.
Sensitive issues can result in irrational behaviour from attendees, or those intent on causing disruption. Contingency plans need to exist, to enable rapid control of any such incidents.
Owl can install appropriate layers of protection, either as a visible force, or acting as an extension of the host, thereby allowing focus on the intended agenda.


  • Risk Assessment
  • Domestic andbusiness premises, or installations.
  • Supplying resident security teams(Globally) for private residences, business premises and installations.
  • Technical Surveillance
  • Third party deterrents
  • Close Protection of individuals, families, employees
  • Deploying advanced technology security systems
  • Evaluation / recommendation
  • security enhancements
  • Training of client security operatives
  • Rapid despatch and reactionsecurity force
  • To minimise risk / damage to people and property.


  • Intimidation aimed at individuals and companies
  • Threats to personal residences or business premises, whether physical or intangible
  • Electronic counter-measures and espionage
  • Corporate risk assessment for new businesses
  • physical or geographic
  • Evacuation of company personnel from any location in the World, for security, safety or medical reasons
  • Surveillance / prior warning of threats to individuals or a business